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It Works Body Wraps in your Salon & Spas!

It Works Body Wraps in salons & spas are great and effective ways to boost your retail income and so much more! Instant results.

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Highlights of The It Works Wrap:

This exclusive body slimming Applicator is a site-specific, non-woven cloth (11″ x 22″) that is infused with botanical ingredients.  No synthetic, artificial or animal by-products are contained in the Applicators.  Targeting the areas your clients want to reduce, the Applicator can be applied to the stomach, thighs, chin/neck, back or arms.  A maximum of 2 Applicators should be applied at once.

A single Applicator contains 12 active ingredients that absorb through the skin to help contour your body, this is not water loss.


The natural wrap ingredients also:

  • Helps with micro-circulation and inflammation
  • Eliminates  cellulite and skin slackening
  • promotes healthier skin
  • helps keep tans deeper and darker
  • tightens, tones, and firms

The Applicator must be worn for at least 45 minutes, and there is no limit on how long to keep it on.  Once the Applicator is removed, any remaining product should be rubbed into the skin.

The ingredients stay in the body for 72 hours, so a subsequent Applicator should be applied 3 days after the first was administered. A full treatment is 4 wraps for one area spread out every 72 hours.  The Applicators provide immediate and progressive results, and once the desired results are achieved, they typically last 2 to 6 months.  Maintain by wrapping 1-2 times a month and/or through the use of defining gel.

The Applicator should not be used on women who are pregnant or nursing.

defining gelDefining Gel Highlights:

As a companion product to the Applicator, the Defining Gel can be applied daily for improved results during the treatment process as well as a daily moisturizer and firming gel to maintain results.  Used in areas that show signs of cellulite, sagging skin (slackening) and stretch marks, the Defining Gel contains the same active ingredients as the Applicator, but in a reduced concentration that is safe for everyday use.

Benefits of Servicing It Works In your salon:

  • Your Salon will become a Trend Leader in your area …THE product expert looking out for your clients.
  • Your Salon will offer an EXCLUSIVE product line that is effective and made from all-natural ingredients, making it a safe alternative to painful surgery and costly chemically based procedures.
  • Your salon will become THE destination to firm clients’ trouble spots before special occasions (e.g., trips, weddings, reunions, holidays).
  • Your salon doesn’t need a wet room, and there is no equipment to buy.  The application process takes only minutes, and the Applicator is ready-to-use and mess-free!
  • Your salon can boost product sales by offering the clients progressive results with continued use at home.
  • Your salon can offer customized body contouring that is NOT water loss, making it unique.

Ideas to get started in your Salon:

  • Sell wraps for $25-$35 in salon.
  • Train all stylist and employees how to wrap so that they can offer the option as an add on to each and every client. Takes 2-3 minutes to wrap.
  • Teach the receptionist how to wrap so that she can do 3 minute “Wrap and Go” appointments.
  • Put booklets of before and after pictures at reception desk, sitting area, and on salon stations for conversation starter.
  • Teach the massage therapist how to do “Skinny Massages“. See below:

  • Recommend for client to use our It Works Facials once a week between salon facial appointments.
  • Offer Holiday gift packages, gift certificates, and cash and carry bags.
  • If you own a tanning salon or tanning bed, then offer a “Skinny Tan”!  Use your highest end tanning bed and before they leave wrap them.  You can also call it and Elite Club Skinny Tan and offer it to Elite clients.
  • Have VIP wrap parties in your salon and offer other services at a discount.

Sell skin care line retail.


Every customer joins your loyalty program.  They now get to purchase 4 wraps for $59 (through website).  They now have access to all products, avoids product inventory.  They will be more inclined to be repeat users, more affordable.  You earn 15% off of everything they purchase.  This creates an extra stream of income and you benefit from the customers outside of your salon as well as inside.

Retail Income:

  • You will earn profit on selling wraps as add-on service or individually.
  • You will earn profit on selling skin care, facials, etc retail.

Discounts as a Distributor:

  • You get all products at wholesale pricing.
  • You can earn applicator rewards.  For every 2 loyal customers that sign up you earn 1 box of wraps for $25 instead of $59 making your wrap retail profit higher.
  • In your first 30 days of your business if you get 4 loyal customers you earn 2 boxes of wraps for free.
  • Access to packages at special prices.

It Works Basic Business Builder Kit:

  • Comes with 4 body wraps (4 wraps X $25- $100)…no risk investment.
  • 1 year distributor rights ($35 renewal fee each year)
  • 1 month of free Website and E-suite access ($20 a month starting month 2)
  • Set up $80 volume autoship (starts running on month 2)…this is the only thing you need to do to say commission qualified.  Order 2 boxes of wraps or one of the packages below to help run your business.
  • Comes with a couple samples of marketing materials.  You get marketing materials through

Packages with Special Pricing:

  1. Mini-Booster Pack $149: only available at time of sign up, 3 boxes of body applicators, 1 box of facials, 1 bottle of defining gel, 1 bottle of fat fighter, and 1 bottle of greens. (16 wraps X $25 = $400)
  2. Booster Pack $499: available anytime, no limits, 8 boxes of body applicators, 3 boxes of facials, 1 bottle of defining gel, 1 bottle of fat fighters, and 1 bottle of greens. (44 wraps X $25 = $1100)
  3. Body Applicator Spa Package $1225: available anytime, 25 boxes of body applicators. (100 wraps X $25 = $2500)
  4. Facial Applicator Spa Package $975: available anytime, 25 boxes of facial applicators (100 wraps X $25 = $2500)
  5. Defining Gel 6 Pack $235: 6 bottles of defining gel. ($79 retail bottle X 6 bottles sold = $474)
  6. Skinny Pack $109: 1 box of body applicators, 1 Defining Gel, 1 bottle of fat fighters. (Retail pack at $211)
  7. Wrap Pack $69: 1 box of body applicators and 1 mini .5 oz defining gel (sample). (retail pack at $115) (minimum of 2 on autoship to be commission qualified if you choose this pack)

Let’s get started! I look forward to making this a successful partnership!

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  • paula mason July 14, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    hi, I am interested in the $499 booster pack. does this price include vat and would it be possible to ship to the uk? many thanks

    • bwwpsite August 12, 2013 at 2:25 am

      Hi Paula,

      I realized that I missed your comment! Please let me know your continued interest in our product and I can definitely help you from hereon in! You can also email me directly:

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    Hi there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends.

    I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

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