The POWER of Residual Income

failuresuccessI feel like sharing something PROFOUND that happened to me today. I HAD a thriving children’s center business once and for the last few months, we’ve decided to seek exit with a buyer who had a bigger vision. Things were looking good until the buyer pulled out last minute late last week. Today, the landlord decided he can’t wait anymore and locked the doors to our center.

All my hard work with this traditional business…gone. Nothing to show for it but more fall out problems which I will deal with as they come. Heart-breaking. BUT, on the other hand, I have an even more renewed vigour to earn a lot of money with It Works! 2014 is going to be awesome!

I believe in direct sales/network marketing model! Things happen in life, I may need to slow done or be inactive for a month or two, etc…but, I know that I will STILL earn residual income for all the hard work I’ve put in! This is the POWER of the business we are in!

January 2014 brings new exciting announcement and plans for It Works! Who wants to join me in growing a THRIVING business with It Works Global? LET’S GO!!!

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